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Schools (Train-The-Trainer Course):

What school staff can complete the Train-The-Trainer course?
Any member of staff can complete the course who works directly with pupils who can deliver or implement sessions and/or techniques either as an intervention, a lesson or to build into their school day.

What is the time commitment for completing the Train-The-Trainer course?
Unita A,B and L will take 1 hour each to read the information and complete the tasks. Units C-K will take one hour to work through a module yourself then one hour to plan, teach and reflect on a strategy with a pupil, group of pupils, or full class. Therefore 21 hours commitment is recommended. You can work at your own pace and take as long as you need to get through all of the learning and tasks.

Is the Train-The-Trainer course accredited?
Yes, the train-the-trainer course is fully accredited and certification will be provided to confirm your CPD hours and qualify you to deliver the Mindful and Wellbeing Course to young people as an intervention.

Is there any evidence to back up the Mindful & Wellbeing Course Manual for young people?

Yes, there’s a lot of research out there to support mindfulness-based strategies improve the wellbeing of young people, we also have completed a number of evaluations through our work and we will have evidence to share once the research papers are available for our ‘mindfulness-based intervention for autistic young people’. Our ‘evidence’ page is currently being updated to include all of this information.

Will staff get any support?
Staff will have 2 free hours of support, they can check in at any time through their learning. Any further support can be arranged as consultation time.

How do I access the Train-The-Trainer Course?
Once the course has been purchased, your school can email us and a code will be provided for the member of staff to access the online course. The course is then available to log onto on the website www.developingmatters.com under ‘my account’.

Will there be a Train-The-Trainer Accredited Course for school staff for younger children?
Yes! We are currently creating the Mindful and Wellbeing Course for younger children from the ages of 5-9. The learning and strategies have been adapted to have less reading information and more mindful movement activities and sensory experiences to ensure strategies and techniques are age appropriate. This will be available in Spring 2024: Mindful Movement and Wellbeing Course for Children.

Will there be a Train-The-Trainer Accredited Course for school staff for older ages?
Yes! We are currently creating the Mindful and Wellbeing Course for older ages from the age of 12-16. The learning and strategies have been adapted to have more cognitive learning and the strategies will be age appropriate for teenagers, for our work with teens we know that there has to be an adaption of delivery and information and there has to be choices for what they prefer to focus on as they develop into adulthood. This will be available in Summer 2024: Cognitive Wellbeing Course for Teens.

Schools and Families:

Do I need any training to work through the manuals with my child(ren) or pupil(s)?
No, the course manuals for young people are available for you to buy and work through with your young person or for them to work through on their own. The course is available as the full course option with 9-modules or as three mini-modules if you prefer to work on a smaller intervention with your young person. The manuals have all the information you need, however, if there is a specific reason your young person is working through the manual, or you feel you need to explain something to them a bit more then you can get in touch and book a consultation for more information.

Will there be a Mindful & Wellbeing Course Manual for different ages?
Yes, we are currently working in age-appropriate course manuals for children aged 5-9 and teens aged 12-16 to ensure the information and strategies are suitable for all ages. The current Mindful and Wellbeing Course Manual for young people is suitable for ages 10-12.


What is the difference between the courses and manuals available?
We have created 3 different options, this is to ensure every family can access the information and learning for their own need.
Firstly, the parent course has information for adults to read to understand the content and the learning topics, with 14 strategies and activities to complete for each parent course.
Secondly, the 9-moduled Mindful and Wellbeing Course manual is available to buy for you to work through, or smaller options of mini-modules course manuals for you to work through if 9 modules are too much. It should take 18 hours to work through the 9 modules, and 1/3 of the time to complete a mini-module. The manuals can be purchased on our website and they can be sent over as PDF or printed off and posted for you. The manuals are for young people to work through either with you or on their own.