School staff and pupils can be supported in a number of ways, through direct work with individuals/groups or classes; or school staff being trained to deliver mindfulness and well-being to their pupils. For training course please check out our Training page. Courses for pupils, workshops and additional interventions can be found here.

Mindfulness & Well-being Course for Pupils:

“Love! feels relatable to teenagers e.g. exams”
Pupil feedback, Good Stress v Bad Stress activity

“The manual is lovely and has great information presented in a user friendly way”
Mrs Chadwick, teacher

The course manual can be purchased and completed by pupils, or it can be delivered by us. Adaptions can also be done for just breathing, meditation and movement activities if specifically for additional needs. Course content covers mindfulness, well-being, sensory and movement strategies that can help with attention and focus, calming the busy mind and the central nervous system, how to respond rather than react, and has many benefits for development and learning. Please Contact us on how we can best fit with your school.

At the end of the Mindfulness & Well-being course manual pupils they will discover:

How to be more mindful through using the senses, breathing and meditation techniques.
• How to live in the present moment and switch off from our automatic pilot mode.
• How the fight, flight, freeze response works and how to help it.
• About different parts of the brain and that the mind, body and breath are connected.
• That we have good stress and bad stress and how to understand and deal with stressful times.
• About the thought, feeling and behaviour cycle and become aware of ourselves.
• Our triggers and unhelpful choices we may make and how to choose helpful choices, including our circle of control.
• To be kind and take care of ourselves and others and various strategies to do so.
• To develop happiness and understand the concept of acceptance

Individual Sensory Processing Course for Staff to Support Pupils:

This course will give useful information and guidance to best support each unique individual and help schools and families work together to get the right support for the child. The current pilot course is fully funded through Groundwork and Comic relief with the focus on helping children “Survive and Thrive” and be better ready to start school.

The pilot project includes an initial assessment with each adult, following with a 6 week course planned for individual needs. An intervention plan will then be created and ready to use with Reception staff. We’re really looking forward to the results and impact of this new way of us supporting children’s development.

We are currently piloting a new Sensory Processing course with the focus on assessing a child’s behaviours to uncover if any difficulties are due to sensory processing or behavioural issues.

Well-being Workshops for Schools:

We can deliver a number of well-being workshops or assemblies to schools for a number of topics including for help with exam times and transitions, over-coming challenges of school and out of school, mental health awareness days, anti-bullying, health & well-being including dental health, digital well-being, resilience, performance and a variety of mindful focuses! And my favourite topic is embedded into each workshop as we learn important must-have knowledge about our brain and our breathing.

Mindful Cards

“I am breathing better after the cards and love the gratitude and happiness activities. They have improved my wellbeing and given me time to relax. Its been nice to be able to do something with my daughter as well that we both enjoy”.

Feedback from cards given out through GMCVO funding project.

Our mindful cards are ideal to use during interventions, group sessions or at home with young people. Our Feedback shows just how effective these activities are and they’re easy and enjoyable to follow on your own, there’s also the option of having an online workshop with one of us to explain how to effectively complete breathing techniques and the what’s, why’s and how’s around each activity and their benefits.

The pack of 26 mindful cards cover four main areas:

• Using the Senses
• Mindful Meditations
• Breathing Techniques
• Mindful Activities

Mindful Journal

“love the user guide, it really helps me to focus thinking and expression for my daughter.”

Bev, mum of 10 year old daughter

This journal helps young people to focus week-by-week, and month-by-month, on their thoughts and feelings.

Taking into account what events and tasks are coming up in their lives, the user is guided to think about:

• The Mind, Body, Breath Connection
• Thoughts and Behaviours
• Choices
• Help with Goal Setting
• Help with Reflection 
• Expressive Words
• Emotions and Feelings
• Mindful and Sensory Activity Ideas
• Monthly Planner Example
• Weekly Journal Example
• Weekly Reflections Example

The journal comes with a user guide that has has lots of ideas about what to write about if the user gets stuck.

“Highly effective breathing techniques. Great activities especially the circle of control, self-care routine and gratitude table
Louise, (completed beginner mindfulness course).

“I have loved these, great for the family too. I love the 10-point check in and I can do this with my 2 sons and they both enjoy it”.
Adele, mum of 2 boys (completed beginner mindfulness course).

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