Mindful Movement is a great activity that can be adapted for all ages, all abilities, all group sizes and all environments. Try and work with what you have got, if you do not have the room to do the mindful movement suggested then adapt it. The Mindful Movement Script is just guidance (in Module 4’s PDF attached).

Guide a young person or group with this Mindful Movement and then see if you can write another one together. You can take suggestions out and add your own, or start at another point. Let the pupils have some fun and use their brains to work out different sequences and movements.

Points to remember:

  • The movements do not have to be perfect, the aim of this activity is that pupils are actually mindful of their movements.
  • We can all move around without thinking about it or noticing what we are doing, so it is very important to zone in on HOW our body is moving, WHERE our feet are positioned, WHY our arms may feel tired if we hold them up, WHAT our brain is doing to move our body parts around.
  • This is a good activity for body awareness and also awareness of others.
  • Modelling techniques and also mirroring techniques can be built into this activity.

The assignment activity will be to write up the new Mindful Movement Script you have created with pupils.