Through this training school staff can support pupils in a number of ways, through direct work with individuals/groups or classes. Our online training courses will be launched soon.
School staff can be trained to deliver mindfulness and well-being to their pupils through our CPD course, Training and Development for School Staff… online course options coming soon!

Our Train the Trainer course has been developed for any member of school staff or group to learn how to work through a 12 module mindful and well-being course to support young people’s mental health and well-being. The course delivery can be adapted to fit in with each individual school.

The course content is supported by a teacher assessment guide and also the RSE curricular objectives and the 5 ways to well-being NHS guidance. The activities and strategies have been tried and tested on 100’s of young people through our work. We have learned the importance of the pupils continued support of these techniques and we believe that us training staff who work directly with young people is the best long term strategy.

We believe that teaching the caregivers of pupils will consolidate the learning and understanding of pupils if they have full support within their school.

After the training staff will:

  • Have a well-structured and easy to follow 8-module course manual to help develop pupils mindfulness skills and well-being with assessment documents, including links with the RSE curriculum and 5 ways to well-being objectives.
  • Develop skills in mindfulness and well-being including approaches and examples and enhance their own well-being abilities and gained confidence to deliver activities.
  • Have tools, techniques, resources and an excellent understanding in mindfulness meditations and breathing techniques. Gain knowledge and strategies within the four concepts of mindfulness including awareness and acceptance.
  • Emphasise safe and responsible ways that support long-term growth and resilience.
  • Reduce stress, anxiety and give pupils robust knowledge around thought processes, the fight/flight/freeze response, how our brain works and how this affects our mind/body/breath connection and also the thought/feeling/behaviour cycle.
  • Give pupils strategies to enhance their own ownership in how they can cope with difficulties. Be able to best support and consolidate important changes and transitions within a child’s life.

There is a 2-pronged approach to this course….. as well as supporting the pupils, staff will gain a vast amount of knowledge, understanding and strategies that can support their own well-being.

It is important that when we work with young people that we think about our own mental, emotional, physical, social and physical health and through this training we will consider how to support adults just as much as pupils.

After Training staff will be able to deliver the Mindfulness and well-being course to pupils:

At the end of the mindfulness & well-being course delivered to pupils by trained school staff; the pupils will discover:

• How to be more mindful through using the senses, breathing and meditation techniques.
• How to live in the present moment and switch off from our automatic pilot mode.
• How our fight, flight, freeze response works and how to help it.
• What different parts of the brain do and that the mind, body and breath are connected and techniques to notice and help our different states.
• That we have good stress and bad stress and how to understand and deal with stressful times.
• About the thought, feeling and behaviour cycle and become aware of ourselves.
• Our triggers and unhelpful choices we may make and how to choose helpful choices, including what is in our control and what is not.
• To be kind and take care of ourselves and others and various strategies to do so.
• To develop happiness and understand the concept of acceptance

The manual will be provided with the objectives and guidance for teachers to use in their assessment including the required RSE objectives for health and well-being and the NHS 5 ways to well-being recommendations. *** We are currently in the process of putting this training online to make it more convenient for school staff to complete ***

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