Training For Teachers

Working in a school is tough. There are so many pressures on teachers; pressure to increase scores, pressure to teach well, pressure to keep up with testing requirements. And then there’s the pressure of teaching mindfulness.

Although in the early stages, education practitioners are finding real world examples of how mindfulness in schools is helping students. The benefits of teaching mindfulness include reduced anxiety, improved social skills, and increased focus in the classroom.

This training is for any school member of staff who wants to support, develop and enhance young people’s mental health and overall wellbeing. To empower
young people to have an understanding of their own thoughts, feelings and behaviours and have simple yet effective mindful techniques to support them
with self-regulation, life transitions, stresses and worries. The course manual is suitable for pupils from Year 5 up to Year 11.

Headteachers! This is for you...

This course is one of the most accessible and comprehensive ways to meet the requirements set out by Ofsted. This course is designed for both the new SEN teachers and those with previous experience. It offers a way for schools to meet their standards, which are changing rapidly as Ofsted changes their RSE curriculum objectives & documents. The course is very easy to follow and is designed to improve your staff’s ability to deliver mindful & well-being in schools.

This valued packed course, is easy to follow and even easier to enrol staff on.