Accredited Training for School Staff:
Become a Mindful & Wellbeing Practitioner
(Currently updating - available from March 2024)

Research is showing the benefits of young people being more mindful and having the tools and techniques to support their own mental health and wellbeing. Mindful and wellbeing strategies can help to reduce anxiety, improve social skills, increase awareness and attention and also give young people an understanding of their own thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

There is a 2-pronged approach to training to become a Mindful & Wellbeing Practitioner, as well as being able to teach your pupils learning and techniques to support their mental health and wellbeing, an additional aspect of this training is that you complete the Mindful & Wellbeing course yourself to support your own mental health and wellbeing.

The current training course will give you the resource to deliver a 9-moduled Mindful & Wellbeing course to pupils in Year 5 and 6 either as a whole class, small groups or 1:1, or Year 7 and 8 as a supportive intervention in small groups or 1:1.

Training Content - We are currently working on new materials and delivery for our train-the-trainer courses and will re-launch in March 2024.

This training is for any school member of staff who wants to support, develop and enhance young people’s mental health and overall wellbeing. To empower
young people to have an understanding of their own thoughts, feelings and behaviours and have simple yet effective mindful techniques to support them
with self-regulation, life transitions, stresses and worries. The course manual is suitable for pupils from Year 5 up to Year 11.