Our aim is to provide children with the skills to increase mindfulness and well-being through simple yet effective techniques and activities, either by working directly with young people, or with their caregivers at home or school. The more we/they understand about thoughts/feelings/behaviours and the mind/body/breath connection they more we/they can feel equipped for life’s events and experiences. About

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Developing Matters CIC is a not-for profit organisation that works with schools and families through a number of differentiated tiered support packages and opportunities. To find out more about our individual work and expertise including our work with anxiety, additional needs, sensory processing and autism please look at our About us page

Our unique teacher CPD training can be delivered face-to-face or online and includes the RSE curriculum and 5 ways to well-being objectives. The training supports and educates staff to work with pupils through a 12 moduled course that are embedded in mindfulness practices, well-being activities and develops understanding and strategies for dealing with thoughts, feelings and behaviours and how to live in more of a mindful and well-balanced way.

You can also buy resources through our Shop to support mental & physical health and well-being that are child friendly and can be used in school or at home. They focus on simple yet effective mindful moments, breathing techniques and sensory activities that focus the mind, body and breath.

We have taught our mindful & well-being course to over 800 young people… check out our News page for previous and upcoming projects. From this work we know how important it is to teach our children how to deal with anxiety. Including, life transitions and events, and how to best understand themselves and what works for them as unique individuals. From our work with young people we also know how beneficial it is for school staff to be trained in our teaching and techniques to have a longer lasting impact on both the young person and the adults in their lives.

We are based at Meyrick Street in Wigan and work with schools and families in Wigan and the surrounding areas. Check out our Community page for the work we do in our community and with families (including mindfulness courses for adults)

Feedback What our clients say

Feedback from pupils who have completed the 8-module Mindful & Well-being Manual:

“Really helpful and discreet techniques so great for using in lesson. Great analogies – super accessible.”

“The Flight Fight Freeze activity was very interesting, especially categorizing different worries.”

The majority of feedback is that the course has helped in many ways especially to keep calm, be less worried, make the best choice, control anger, be kind to self and others and talk to people about any problems.

What children learned when completing the Mindful & Well-being course:

“Everyone is going through different things so respect them and be patient”.

“Ways to sleep better at night – remove the rush of bad thoughts”.

“Tactics for calming down, how to manage thoughts and feelings”.

95% of pupils said yes they will be more mindful, think about their breathing and that the techniques have helped them when they have been feeling stressed.

To see what we’ve been doing, check out our news page!

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Working with teachers and families in the North West to promote mindfulness and improve well-being.

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