Section 4 includes 7 topics to read through with some activities to complete for yourself and then with or for your child. Each learning technique and strategy will follow as a ‘topic’, when you complete topic 7, then navigate yourself back to the lesson menu and work through section 5. All the content and learning will be explained within each topic. There will be some sheets to print off if you want to work from a worksheet, or you can get a piece of paper and copy the activity down that way.

The 7 topics for the Fight, Flight, Freeze section are:

  • The Present Moment
  • The Amygdala
  • Fight, Flight, Freeze Response
  • Mind, Body, Breath Connection
  • Physical Changes
  • Anxiety
  • Mindful Technique Table

There is a reference list and suggested reading list in section 6 if you are interested in further reading for some of the topics.

Don’t forget to keep on trying the breathing techniques and mindful moments given in this mini-module.