Mini Course: Fight, Flight, Freeze & The Busy Mind




The course manual can be completed by pupils either independently or with adult support at home or school. The mini course is 1/3 of the Mindful & Wellbeing course which consists of 9 modules.

This mini-course includes the full module of Fight, Flight, Freeze and the full module of The Busy Mind, plus 2 learning sessions and 2 follow-up activities from the Mindful Wellbeing module and 1 learning session and 1 follow-up activity from the Happiness and Kindness module.

Structure of the course:

Breathing Technique Focuses: Belly Breathing and Add-2

Mindful Moment Focuses: 10-part Check-in Body Scan

Sessions and Activities: 2 Mindful Wellbeing sessions and 2 follow-up activities. 5 Fight, Flight, Freeze sessions and 5 follow-up activities. 5 The Busy Mind sessions and 5 follow-up activities. 1 Happiness and Kindness session and activity to finish the mini-course. 2 pages for notes or reflection. 2 Quizzes.

Each session will have some information to read and also think about and talk about with a follow-up activity. The young person can work their way through the course however it fits into their life/lives. Please encourage doing the daily breathing and daily mindful focus at some point during the day; this will help your young person to live in the present moment.

You can print off the PDF and use with as many young people as you wish.

Additional Mini Courses: Over Thinking & Thoughts, Feelings and Behaviours. Stress, Hormones, Triggers and Choices.

Full modules for the Mindful & Wellbeing Course:


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