Parent Course – Fight, Flight, Freeze and The Busy Mind




This course has been created for parents and caregivers to read through and complete a number of activities to help you gain knowledge and understanding of fight, flight, freeze and also the busy mind. We know it is important for parents to learn and have knowledge about the important and useful topics we teach to young people at Developing Matters CIC.

Firstly, the information is something we do not learn at school or as adults, but hopefully doing this course and the other 2 mini-courses will help you understand yourself better. Secondly, it will give you the knowledge and resources to pass on this vital information to the young person/people in your lives or understand them more. Everything we suggest has been tried and tested with 100s of young people and the learning content has been taught to children aged 10+. The breathing techniques and mindful moments can be done with any age.

The mini-course includes 3 breathing techniques and 2 mindful moments to try and is split into two learning themes of Fight, Flight, Freeze and The Busy Mind with activities to do along the way.

In the topics there will be some ‘Take Time To Think’ prompts. These thought reminders are to give you prompts to start to think about what you are possibly dealing with, how busy your mind is and to stop and think about if you need to change your thinking patterns, if you need to change a situation and/or if you need to have a mindful moment or do something to help or change a situation.


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